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Dealer Tools

The Dealer Tools suite includes multiple products and services to help you get more out of your website traffic. Dealer Tools currently includes Messaging (Chat/Text) and Trade-in. By providing website visitors with key information like their trade-in value, you can eliminate the need for your customer to go to another website for that information. Messaging (Chat/Text) tools on your website makes it easy for your consumers to engage with you – helping you convert more of your website traffic to a hot lead.

This provider category will continue to grow over time with other tools to help generate more leads.

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Certified Chat

Communicate with website visitors at their convenience with a Mercedes-Benz certified chat tool. Certified chat tools provide an innovative and user-friendly solution to help potential customers quickly and easily get the information and support they need to make an informed decision. Allowing your dealership to successfully convert leads into sales and provide a better buying experience.

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Certified Trade-In

Provide your consumers reliable and accurate trade-in values to help them make informed purchase decisions. Offering a Trade-In solution on your website alleviates the need for the customer to leave your website, while helping you generate more leads.

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