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Digital Advertising

While researching a vehicle purchase, nearly 80% of customers are using a search engine. Now more than ever, it is essential for a dealership to incorporate Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in their digital strategy. Display and video advertising are additional ways to attract more shoppers to your dealership website.

The Mercedes-Benz Digital Certified Program includes six digital advertising providers to help manage and strategize your digital marketing efforts. Each provider includes a dedicated account manager, who is able to develop a recommended set of keywords to ensure the proper bidding strategy for Tier I, II, and III searches.

Once you’ve made a provider and package selection, your Mercedes-Benz Digital Consultant will contact you to discuss product and service activations.

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We're a team of 4.0 GPA, over-achiever types obsessed with delivering the best results for dealers. Your dedicated Account Director is an expert on digital marketing in the auto industry. We target informed geographies based on sales data maps, use high-ranking ads and content reflecting users' search intent, which means we'll attract higher qualified leads for you. The Adpearance R&D team is constantly innovating new tools and systems to generate insights into the world of digital advertising so you can sell more cars.

Learn More Advertising delivers the strength and resources necessary to reach and influence every Mercedes-Benz shopper, everywhere online. We deliver a proven portfolio that covers every major ad channel, and we power every campaign with the industry’s broadest digital reach, deepest data targeting, total website integration and comprehensive strategic support resources.

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Having a great website is essential. However, if you really want to get noticed by customers and search engines alike, you need to pair your website with top-notch marketing services. Each piece of content and every PPC campaign is controlled by an individual to make sure that it is unique and makes sense for your specific dealership. We employ the latest industry tools to ensure that you get the most out of each product. You know, #technologyandstuff.

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Dealer Inspire

Search is in our DNA. Founded by three SEM nerds in 2011, we now beta test at the forefront of paid and organic strategy with Google (ever heard of em?). We believe in custom content and campaigns that make shopping easier, so we hired a lot of smart humans and engineered an artificially-intelligent program (Fuel℠) that syncs your inventory to ads. It is neato!

Adding the backend components of the True ROI dashboard, inventory analytics and customer intelligence module, dealers will have everything they need to handle leads better and measure results in a way they never could have before.

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DealerOn is focused on conversion optimization, including continuous testing of ad copy, model landing pages, and keyword / bid strategies allow for high conversion rates and low cost-per-opportunity. DealerOn also focuses on dynamic inventory ads to tailor your budget to your inventory, data-driven strategy for your marker and brand, and boutique-level customer service to allow white-glove service to you all the time.

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Car shoppers aren't just looking at one online source before they make their purchase-- they're visiting over 20 sources online before making a decision. Your advertising should reach shoppers across them all. Efficiency in media spend has never been more important. PureCars' award-winning technology makes it easy. Our solution helps your dealership advertise the right vehicle, in the right location, for the right price, and at the right time. With our technology and Mercedes-Benz Dealer Program's immediate access to available Co-Op funds, we'll handle the technical end so you can focus on what matters: maximizing ROI and driving your sales forward.

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