Loaner Car Management Made Simple

The ARSLoaner system is a robust platform that provides dealers with all the tools and advanced features required to easily run a manufacturer CVP fleet. ARSLoaner is designed to deliver a standard set of features, reports and functionality in an easy to use and understandable web interface. While ARSLoaner provides as much free training as required, the simple and intuitive system requires little explanation. The goal at ARSLoaner is to provide the best product on the market and to continually respond to dealer feedback as we add new features and functionality. This approach has proven successful as ARSLoaner consistently receives 5/5 stars from our customers in terms of usability, features/functionality and support.

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Optimized Loaner Workflow

ARSLoaner was designed by a group of auto dealers who developed a workflow and logic to ensure efficient tracking of customer and vehicle data. This optimized workflow was then implemented using state of the art technology and refined and improved through dealer feedback and suggestions. The resulting ARSLoaner system ensures customers are moved quickly and efficiently through an optimized workflow process that is easy for your dealership team to follow.

Required Information Just A Click Away

A simple left navigation pane allows 1-click access to your fleet. 2-clicks to open a current rental agreement. No reports to run or a series of menus to navigate. Cars move between rented/available/overdue as they are sent out with customers and returned.

Tracks All Data and Revenue

ARSLoaner tracks detailed information on your fleet, customers and staff. Some of the data the system tracks include:

  • Vehicle, customer, rental, and edit-history data
  • Complete audit trail of all user activity
  • Split billing - allows highly detailed revenue tracking
  • Tracks reimbursement by type
  • Calculates and tracks fees & taxes (city, local and state)
  • Easy to read report captures fleet & revenue data
  • Track and charge customer for tolls/fines - pre and post-return

Features to Make CTP Management Easy

The system contains many powerful features to make life easier for your service managers.

  • Prints completed rental forms on plain paper (if using non-mobile option)
  • 100% mobile paperless write-up option available
  • Reservation system to reserve loaners
  • Damage tracking - easy as point and click
  • Vehicle maintenance module & service notifications
  • Stores driver's license and insurance card photos
  • Toll/fine reimbursement module allows pre and post-return charges
  • OBD device integration allows vehicle location tracking and automated fuel and mileage logging

System Alerts to Ensure Fleet is Optimized

The system contains easy to read color coding logic to alert the user when a vehicle has hit limits on mileage, time in service or both. With the flexible alert system dealers can lock a car out from being loaned if a certain time or mileage limit is reached.

Vehicles that have been rented over a certain threshold of days appear with alerts on the main screens: