Logitrac Hyperdrive

Logitrac is a fully-digital solution empowering courtesy vehicle programs to reach new levels of profitability and efficiency while simultaneously increasing retention and engagement through the customer journey. Every aspect of the Logitrac platform was built to specifically address common dealer problems. Stop wasting money on other CVP programs and take control of your own success starting today with Logitrac.

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Automated Invoicing

The core of Logitrac’s platform is centered around driving revenue back to dealers. Instantly recover your largest expenses with an intelligent hardware-software connection that calculates and allows for nationwide tolls, fuel, mileage, and any additional charges to be collected effortlessly at the time of close.

“We went from losing 7k-10k a month in fuel and toll expenses to gaining close to 20k a month in revenue.” – Scott Lyons, Service Director.

Digital Contracts

Built to remove the roadblocks from typical loaner activities, Logitrac empowers you with the tools needed to provide conveniently memorable customer interactions. Start and end contracts from anywhere. Provide customer-first contact-free experiences. With a seamless contract portal that merges intuitive features and smart technology, the possibilities are endless.

“We are now able to get customers in and out in less than a minute.” – Eric Melendez, Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables

Live 24/7 Tracking

Never lose sight of your vehicles with GPS technology that updates every few seconds, displays locations down to specific parking spots, and provides access to detailed travel histories. Real time data that includes engine status, odometer, battery level, fuel level, and more, makes monitoring and tracking vehicles easier than ever.

Internal Alerts

Logitrac encourages proactive fleet management techniques with an automated alert structure that enables you to be made aware of all fleet-related updates as they occur. Stay connected to your fleet at all times with a variety of types including location, time, incident, and maintenance-based alerts, as well as the ability to control the method of delivery.

Detailed Reporting

From individual vehicle utilization to an overall birds’ eye view of your entire operation, discover the intricacies of your program through a reporting suite built on dealer feedback. Don’t worry about employee overload. Logitrac only provides the reports you need and can automate all reporting to arrive in your inbox when desired.

Software Development

You talk, we listen! Logitrac is an open-ended solution fueled by creative experts that tailor designs based upon what users need and want to experience. Anything you need to better improve your process, we will build.