Loaners, Tolls, Fuel, Telematics...that's what we do!

TSD’s newest CVP solution allows dealers to put money back in their pockets with automated toll/violation collection and by recouping fuel costs and other fees associated with running your courtesy car fleet. Our integrated telematics allow you to see where your cars are at any time and allows you create geo fences for your area. The new user interface enables you to use the solution on a desktop, tablet or even your phone for a seamless customer experience. TSD is a proven solution with a seamless integration for Mercedes-Benz dealers, and we make it easy for you to continue with our latest software.

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The Proven Solution

TSD’s second generation CVP solution has new features and functionality developed with eight years of feedback from Mercedes-Benz dealers and OEMs and dealers across the country. Our core values remain: the new solution is ‘fast, easy, and fast.’ Choose the best option to manage your CVP process, from desktops to tablets to mobile phones. Our solution is seamless on any of them.

TSD Connect - Tolls/Violation Management

TSD is aware of the major pain point that toll violations and tickets can create for dealers in lost time and fees, so we’ve created a solution which takes the pain away. TSD Connect Tolling and Violations take the onus off the dealer and lets TSD to do all the collection work. Our automated process collects thousands of dollars per month for many dealers nationwide.

TSD Connect - Telematics

If you’ve ever lost a car in a secondary lot or wanted to know if a CVP unit went somewhere it shouldn’t have, TSD Connect Telematics is your solution. Get real-time information like accurate GPS, fuel and mileage data from your CVP units.

TSD Connect - Charging

Stop throwing money away on fuel loss, over-mileage vehicles or detailing fees. TSD Connect Charging is a free service within the solution where you can set up additional fees around common loaner expenses such as fuel or mileage. Customize your features for the best possible customer service: adjust the setup to charge automatically, or to waive charges on a VIP customer. Dealers using this feature have recouped more than $7,000 per month in additional fees.

Seamless Migration

TSD is the only provider of CVP solutions for Mercedes-Benz that can seamlessly migrate your data including fleet and existing profiles from your current Mercedes-Benz Mobility System into our newest CVP solution. Save your staff many hours of frustrating data entry and training, and continue with the solution that knows and understands your dealership.

Paperless Transactions

No one should have to print or order courtesy car agreements ever again. Our solution gives you the ability to display an agreement and have the customer sign the actual legal courtesy car agreement directly on the screen. Afterwards, you can either email or text the agreement right from the system.

Operational & Management Dashboards

There’s no hunting for the problems or answers to understand what’s going on with your CVP fleet. Our dashboards offer proactive analytics to put the information you need at your fingertips. They’re designed for end users and managers to keep tabs on their fleet and allow you to spot potential issues act quickly.