If you really want to get noticed by car shoppers and search engines alike, you’re going to want to pair your website with top-notch marketing services. Allow us to create a customized strategy that combines bid and budget management, robust keyword research, real-time inventory advertising and transparent reporting to deliver the greatest possible return on investment.

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Your team will consist of two layers of hands on service. Your AdWords-certified SEM Specialist will help develop strategy and manage your bids, budgets and keywords throughout the month. Your dedicated product expert is required to call you every 15 days to report on progress.


Forget about templates—every display ad that is created is 100% customized to your dealership and brand. We know that marketing is all about the message, and we make sure that your brand and message is not only targeting customers, but standing out above the clutter.


We’ll help you use your real-time inventory to get consumers from Google’s first page to your inventory with one-click. Our dynamic platform goes above and beyond most traditional model ads by not only displaying relevant and standout information (like, Pricing, Stock Levels, Off MSRP, and more), but also delivering creative to relevant landing pages, including VDP’s!


Carflix®, our patented video technology, generates a compelling, narrated video for every vehicle in your inventory. Each video is combined with an SEO-friendly video blog post to drive more traffic to your site, and is customizable and trackable to optimize performance. Best of all, Carflix is totally turn-key and automated, so you enjoy the benefits of video – longer time-on-site, increased SEO value, and more conversion – without any technical knowledge or extra time investment.

Amazon does it. Zappos does it. Why aren’t you doing it? Use our proprietary inventory module to track the vehicle views of every shopper on your website. Use that behavioral information to remarket to those shoppers as they leave your site and surf the web. We’ll use customized images with your vehicle galleries, pricing, features, and equipment—and more importantly it’s customized to your dealership.


Who says social can’t sell cars? Using a variety of email, in-market and retargeting techniques, we create a tailored social strategy that is customized to your dealership. On top of that, our platform is able to leverage your inventory to serve up vehicle specific ads directly on Facebook. It’s a win-win strategy that gets more eyes on your inventory and dealership— directly to buyers’ Facebook Feeds within your local market.


Results. We need to measure exactly what moves your dealership, plain and simple. We’ll provide full access to Google Analytics, Google Adwords and custom reports whenever you want them. Your account team will work with you to determine the KPIs that mean the most. From there, we’ll provision a robust report showing high-level metrics like impressions and cost along with ROI metrics like cost per conversion.