Transforming the way dealers CONNECT with their customers

BuyNow is the first-ever, live-assisted digital retailing platform in automotive. Industry leading integrations and reliable market data give your customers transparency & confidence and guide them through the entire buying process. BuyNow is the most flexible & dealer-friendly digital retailing product on the market today, specifically designed to allow for customizations and flexibility to fit into any dealership operation. With BuyNow, you can transform simple inquiries into ready and willing buyers. Offer your customers an enhanced online experience , with your team live assisting in answering questions, with the ability of your customers to negotiate and make an offer from any device, anywhere.

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Customizable Entry Point

Flexible barrier form and options to generate quality leads that convert to higher closing ratio.

Live Conversations with Your Consumers

BuyNow is the first ever live assisted automotive digital retail platform. Your customers can get their questions answered and negotiate in real-time by your in-store team. You also have the option to reach out to a customer pro-actively during their experience to offer support or guide them through the steps.

Real Time Deal Notifications Dashboard Icons

CarNow’s back end dashboard allows dealers to see customers actions and changes in real time. This gives you full visibility on the consumer you are communicating with and better intel for negotiation.

Mobile and Desktop Alerts

Know exactly when and where a customer is in a deal creation process, BuyNow can send alerts based on specific actions customers take within the BuyNow platform allowing for the team to know how customers are interacting with the software.

Custom Notifications by Department

Bring your experts in at exactly the right time, BuyNow can tailor specific deal notifications around the people and process that you know work for your customers. EXAMPLE: Customer sends in a trade – BuyNow can alert your Used Car Sales Manager to jump into a deal and let the customer know how much they want that trade.

First Pencil Desking Capability

Set more appointments with our first pencil desking option. We leverage our proprietary payment engine that takes into account all the parameters the client provided us upon set- up, so payments show just as you the dealer wants them to be shown. Deeper inside of our platform, you can actually negotiate and work a strong first pencil and send to customer.

Schedule Delivery / Pick-Up

Schedule an in-store appointment or select from delivery options indicated by the retailer.

Regional & National Incentives

Using COX Rebates and Incentives, BuyNow captures All OEM incentives and rebates for your customers. These rebates and incentives are customizable and can be automated to display real-time pricing logic without the need for intervention. Available offers include generic and conditional rebates with full stackability logic.

Configurable Customer Workflow

We are not a plug & play solution - create almost any type of workflow based on individual goals that allows for flexibility to your process.

Trade Integration

BuyNow’s integration with TradePending and makes valuing a vehicle easy and reliable. TradePending uses live market data and dealership investment estimates, yielding values that are more accurate than traditional books. Additional market factors are shared with the consumer, thereby building transparency and confidence in the trade number.

F&I Product Integration

Display F&I packages to customers early to give customers the confidence to purchase, resulting in higher PNVR.

Pre-Qualification Option

By utilizing our 700Credit Integration, BuyNow gives your customers the ability to determine their credit and the applicable rate without providing SSN or DOB. Pre-qualification can be provided through our BuyNow partnership with 700 Credit or integrated with your current credit provider.