Turn-key lane engagement solutions for efficient check-in.

Affinitiv’s SmartLane and Wireless Service Advisor (WSA) platforms are two excellent lane-engagement tools, covering all your shop’s service lane needs, from a quick check-in to a comprehensive in-lane consultation built around your store’s desired process.

With SmartLane, service staff are guided through the customer check-in process on an iPad® tablet.

A convenient vehicle check-in app, SmartLane enables staff to complete a VMI check, capture any existing damage or repairs with photos or video, recommend services to the customer and receive approval, and add a signature to authorize service.

If your shop prefers a more comprehensive advisor solution in the lane, Wireless Service Advisor is a Windows-based tablet tool that supports full-function desktop capabilities, so advisors can greet customers and complete a “forced march” write-up process. WSA provides full DMS capabilities and collects detailed advisor metrics on greeting time, time per write-up, upsells, email collection, and more.

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  • Photo and video walk-around capability with annotation
  • Documentation of pre-existing conditions and declined repairs
  • VMI integration
  • Maintenance plans
  • Rolling of appointments into ROs (Dealertrack, ADAM, Autosoft, Auto/Mate, DealerBuilt)
  • DigniFi™ financing alerts
  • Dealer Tire®, TreadSpec™, Hunter®, and TSD® integrations

Integrated Functionality

Easily mark check-in inspection items as complete via seamless integration with Affinitiv MPI. Gain quick access to integrations with Dealer Tire, TreadSpec, Hunter, and TSD for loaners and rentals. Save all images, video, and notes to the customer’s record via Affinitiv Book integration. Access previously declined repairs and prior inspections for quick reference. Plus, effortlessly upsell customers on more basic services with built-in Mercedes-Benz maintenance plans and customizable Good/Better/Best menus.

Wireless Service Advisor (WSA)

  • Photo capture and comprehensive walk-around capability
  • Documentation of pre-existing conditions and declined repairs
  • VMI integration
  • Dealer Tire®, TreadSpec™, Hunter®, MyDealerLot®, Sunbit®, and TSD® integrations
  • Integrations with all major DMS systems—with automated RO creation on most
  • In-lane, advisor-guided check-in and write-up consultations
  • Time stamping of workflow by advisor and valet (if applicable)
  • Built-in factory maintenance plans and customizable Good/Better/Best menus
  • Opportunity to “Force March” key steps of the write-up process, including Tire and Menu presentation, recall check, and confirmation of the customer’s email and mobile number
  • Key metrics for advisor accountability and performance

Efficient Processes

Wireless Service Advisor enables dealers to save money on greeters and advisor workstations by equipping them with full-desktop capabilities right in the lane. By providing visibility of your desired write-up process, Wireless Service Advisor holds staff accountable to a consistent and productive check-in process. It also works around your current store processes to help you complete professional, expedited customer interaction in the service lane, at the vehicle, or where it’s most convenient for the customer.