Put innovation in the fast lane by leveraging the latest technology to deliver a better experience.

Provide a better service experience by breaking down the barrier between your service advisors and your customers with CDK Lane. Greet your customers with a tablet in the lane and keep them engaged in the write-up process by completing a damage inspection and a lane inspection with the customer at your side.

Drive additional profit into your service department by recommending failed items during the lane inspection as well as previously declined services.

Improve efficiency by completing the write-up process with repair order creation and capturing the customer’s eSignature on the workorder from your tablet at the vehicle. The signed workorder is saved into Document Archiving in the Drive DMS.

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Greet Customers in Lane

CDK Lane works seamlessly with our CDK Appointment solution and incorporates tablets in the service lane to enhance your customer greetings - available on both iPads and Surface Pros. Quickly begin the write-up process by rolling an appointment from the Daily View or scan a VIN for a walk-in customer. Your advisor can also scan a customer’s driver’s license (iPad only) for a brand new customer that has never previously been to your dealership. CDK Lane will help your advisors be more efficient while providing your customers a superior service experience.

Walk-around Inspection

Complete a walk-around damage and lane inspection during the write-up process. Your advisors can perform a damage inspection with photos and annotations tracking previous damage on your customer’s vehicle. A customized lane inspection can also be performed checking things such as tires and wiper-blades which will allow your advisors to upsell to your customers right there in the lane. This lane inspection can feed directly into the technician full lift inspection with our CDK Inspect solution.

Vehicle Query - Vehicle Master Inquiry

Vehicle Query provides direct access into Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Master Inquiry (VMI) and provides detailed information about the specific vehicle that is in for service. Your advisor can tap on the outstanding recall and roll them directly onto the repair order. Vehicle Query provides the following categories for Mercedes-Benz vehicles:

  • Recall/Campaign Services – Outstanding Recalls
  • Vehicle Info – Owner, Engine No., Warranty Date, Retail Date…
  • Informational Statuses
  • Option Codes
  • Campaigns/C1 Action
  • Vehicle History
  • Customer Pay Data
  • Service Packages

Declined Services

First, track the services that your customers decline and capture the declined reason from your tablet in the lane. This information is now available real-time on your Service Fastlane and available on declined service reports for follow-up.

Second, previously declined services will be presented to the advisor to help sell these services in the lane. The advisor can present the previously declined service to your customer and roll it right onto the repair order, providing your dealership with tools to help increase service revenue.

Service Pricing Integration *

Provide transparency with Mercedes-Benz-specific maintenance menus with accurate pricing, based on your pricing rules. With Service Pricing integration, your advisors will have all of the information at their fingertips in the lane to upsell maintenance packages, failed lane inspection items, and special promotions with pricing and parts availability. All of the parts will be pre-assigned to the repair order allowing them to be rolled onto the RO with a click of the mouse. The end result, a better experience for your customer, and more efficiency for your parts and service departments.

* Requires CDK Service Pricing

Enhanced Service Menu *

Upsell additional services by providing menu selling right in the lane. CDK Lane provides your advisors the tools to present an enhanced tiered menu to your customers and the ability to modify the menu on the fly. Once a menu is selected, the operations are added and parts are pre-assigned to the repair order. Selling additional service and providing greater efficiency throughout the repair order workflow.

* Requires CDK Service Pricing


Provide the ultimate experience to your customers and efficiency to your advisors by creating the repair order and capturing your customer’s signature on the workorder from the tablet in your service lane. The signed copy will be automatically archived into Document Archiving within your CDK Drive DMS and your customer can leave with a printed or emailed copy.

Hailer Integration - Ride Sharing

Your service advisors can provide a Lyft ride directly from within the write-up process on their tablets. Hailer integrates ride-sharing technology directly into CDK Lane, enabling dealers to reduce costs and offer their customers an easy and cost-effective alternative to traditional temporary vehicle solutions.

DealerTire Integration

Quickly and easily sell tires in the lane with DealerTire integration directly into the CDK Lane workflow. Advisors can easily find tires for their customer’s specific vehicle with pricing and availability during their walk-around inspection. The labor operation and tires will be added directly onto the repair order with the tap of a finger, eliminating any unnecessary duplication.

MDL Integration

Provide the optimal service experience from the start with instant customer recognition with MDL integration into CDK Lane. RFID technology allows MDL to notify your advisors when your customer arrives directly on the Daily View within CDK Lane.