Engage: The Service Lane Solution for a World-Class Experience

Boost dealership customer retention and dollars per RO with Engage. Create a superior service lane experience for your customers with this robust tool that facilitates customer self check-in or a personalized check-in with tablet reception, instant access to declined services, and text communication to drive results for your business.

Key Features:

  • Instant access to service history, recommendations and more
  • Consistent check-in and checkout processes
  • Personalized tablet check-in
  • Professional service estimates
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Personalized Tablet Check-In

Deliver a personalized experience in the service drive or during mobile valet service when you have customer and vehicle information in hand.

  • Identify scheduled customers or walk-ins quickly.
  • Confirm vehicle and customer contact information, re-affirm stated customer needs.


Quickly evaluate vehicle condition for consultative selling.

  • Document body damage with flat-car, gesture-based markup.
  • Capture pictures, record audio or video of vehicle issues.
  • Review service history and previously deferred services and open recalls.

Consistent Menu Presentation

Ethical upsells through vehicle-specific recommendations.

  • Present VIN-specific factory and dealer service recommendations.
  • Compare maintenance packages and pricing.
  • Include à la carte and individual maintenance or repair services.

Tire Selling

Maximize retention by selling tires on the drive.

  • Record tread-depth and condition issues.
  • Review tire options, specifications, and photos.
  • Quote replacement, mounting and balancing, and disposal.


Keeping the consumer updated on the current status of their vehicle ranks among the top requirements from consumers in study after study around customer satisfaction.

  • Allow advisors to communicate with their customers to keep them aware and informed of changes in promise time.
  • Seek clarifications and approvals utilizing 2-way multi-channel communications.
  • Results are permanently logged and minimize the use of an advisors’ personal accounts and equipment.

In-Lane and Online Payment

Xtime offers in-lane and online payment options as a feature of the Engage Package, giving both service management and advisors a streamlined and easy-to-use solution to manage the entire customer engagement from write-up to payment.

  • Allows advisors to engage with customers for the entire service transaction and build stronger relationships using Xtime’s Spectrum platform tools.
  • Customers trust their advisor for vehicle recommendations and prefer doing business with the same person for the entire service transaction.
  • Customer payment history can be viewed in Xtime Customer 360 for an easy, centralized point of reference.

Self Check-In

  • Boost efficiency in the service drive by giving consumers the ability to check themselves in on their mobile phones upon arrival at the dealership
  • Minimize consumers’ interaction with people and places by giving them the ability to check-in and sign for service on their phone
  • Automate and streamline the check-in process by allowing consumers to provide all major details prior to vehicle drop off to improve advisor efficiency and alleviate bottlenecks in the service drive
  • A faster, more efficient check-in process improves the entire service process