Want happier customers? Get to know them better.

Streamline your service intake and external diagnostic process with an interactive tablet-based lane application for a warmer greeting and more efficient write-up process. Our tablet-based service check-in and interactive walk-around process puts customers in control while giving your staff the tools they need for upsell opportunities.

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Customer & Vehicle Information

Streamline the greeting and write-up process by engaging customers at their vehicle to provide detailed vehicle information, so customers can make more informed decisions. A single view reveals the customer’s initial concerns, active recalls associated with the vehicle and declined service recommendations.

Maintenance Guide and Menus

Easily guide customers through Mercedes-Benz-recommended interval service menus for easier decision making. Quickly create custom menus and service packages with op code and keyword. Real-time pricing rules from Motor Data ensures to-the-penny accuracy of estimates for more transparency, building trust with the customer.

Dealer Tire Integration

Increasing RO value is easier with the Elead Service Lane Dealer Tire integration. With a quick make and model search, Advisors can locate the correct tire size quickly add the information to the vehicle write-up.

Hunter Equipment Integration

Easily add services and issues uncovered with Hunter’s Touchless Alignment Diagnostic Technology to the customer write-up. Quick Check® Summary easily attaches to full SRS for easier customer approval. An additional Alignment Summary and Tire Health report attaches to the vehicle history in Elead CRM.

Lane Engagement Guides and Advisor Word Tracks

Customizable word tracks and engagement guides assist Advisors in upsell opportunities and overcoming objections. Reinforce a consistent lane process from advisor to advisor to create an efficient and engaging experience for the customer.

Walk-Around Inspection

Drive profit before completing the write-up with a complete in-lane inspection on every vehicle. Capture existing issues with the customer by your side during the walk-around. Choose the matching body style to document existing damage to the vehicle, service concerns and inspection fail points with video and images. The customer confirms the findings with their initials right on the tablet.