Comprehensive digital vehicle inspection tool for Mercedes-Benz dealers

MPI conveniently tracks customers’ vehicles through every step of the inspection process. Its advanced multi-point inspection capabilities are uniquely designed to gain customer trust through transparency, driving more documented upsells. By directly texting or emailing videos and photos to the customer during service, advisors help them understand exactly what’s needed, strengthening the advisor-customer relationship, boosting customer satisfaction, lifting shop efficiency, and helping increase upsells.

Key Features:

  • Bi-directional SMS texting and email delivery
  • Built-in automatic declined repair marketing
  • Fully compliant with IISM regulations
  • Estimate can be sent to customer/customer can respond with approval
  • Desktop alerts notify advisor when a text arrives—even while working in the DMS
  • Pre-filled communication templates to help streamline customer communication
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Utilization Rates

MPI gives Service Managers and other dealership leaders a bird’s-eye view of KPIs like utilization through a robust, easy-to-use reporting system. From there, store leadership can easily observe and react to key factors to accelerate dealership strengths and identify opportunities for improvement via the intuitive, widget-based dashboard and full reporting that drills down by advisor, technician, and the shop as a whole.

MPI Form and Checklist

With MPI, all Mercedes-Benz MPI checklist and inspection items are fully accessible to ensure nothing is missed. Staff members can easily navigate to checklists and inspection items from their preferred device, making it easier than ever to complete both Mercedes-Benz specific and general internal inspections. For ultimate ease of use, all forms use the industry standard Red, Yellow, Green icons and all inspection items can be annotated to ensure every important detail is captured.

MPI Personalization

For maximum personalization, MPI provides crucial data points on each MPI report. This includes information about the consumer and their vehicle.

MPI Business Rules

MPI is designed to perfectly fit your dealership’s individual processes via customizable process rules tailor-made for Mercedes-Benz shops. Drill down even further by establishing specific suppression criteria (e.g. excluding vehicles less than three months old) to help ensure peak efficiency and actionable metrics. Or customize the entire inspection process to help find and refine the best shop-flow practices for virtually every aspect of your service center.

Media Sharing

Capturing and presenting repair opportunities is fast and simple with MPI. Advisors and technicians can quickly and easily take photos and videos directly within the tool, then share with customers across their preferred channel: SMS text, email, or print. Taking transparency and trust even further, each photo or video can be clearly associated with a specific inspection item, so customers can see exactly what needs repair.

Customer Notification

To accommodate every customer, MPI uses the most popular channels for delivering inspection results. Inspection results and service recommendations can easily be shared within the MPI Mobile App (for iOS and Android), printed at the dealership for review with an advisor, or shared electronically—whichever the customer prefers.