Increase revenue by elevating your vehicle inspection process

CDK Inspect creates a better vehicle inspection process bringing together our entire CDK Service solution to help maximize your Service efficiency and increase revenue by ensuring consistent completions of multipoint inspections. Drive more profit for your Service department and manage the complete vehicle ownership life cycle with CDK Service.

Provide tools to allow your technicians to easily complete the inspection and recommend additional services without leaving their bay. Sell more service by presenting the additional recommendations to your customers with photos and videos and allowing them to approve the work from their mobile device.

Conclude the service experience by capturing the customer’s eSignature on the final invoice from your tablet. The signed invoice is saved into Document Archiving in the Drive DMS.

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Multi-Point Inspection

CDK Inspect provides a full technician lift inspection that is integrated with the CDK Lane inspection. With Mercedes-Benz-specific MPIs available, CDK Inspect improves your technicians’ efficiency and helps sell additional services. When marking an inspection point yellow/red, your technicians will automatically be launched into ServicePricing or Mitchell1 to quickly recommend additional services with accurate pricing. Minimizing the time wasted standing at the parts counter and allowing them to spend more time repairing vehicles.

Repair Order Dashboard

CDK Inspect’s real-time dashboard allows each user to quickly and easily manage the repair orders assigned to them. The dashboard provides information at a glance helping to track the status of the repair order as well as the amount of time it has been in that status. The view includes inspections in progress, repair orders awaiting an estimate from parts, and repair orders pending approval – including those that a mobile request was sent and the status of that request.

Parts Dashboard

A virtual command center for the Parts department, the parts dashboard organizes the repair orders by status providing an at-a-glance of all repair orders in need of a parts quote. The parts salesperson has real-time access to parts inventory, pricing, and availability from the Drive DMS, eliminating the need to toggle between screens. In addition, parts added to the quote will be pre-assigned to the repair order eliminating the need to re-enter when the services are sold improving efficiency and accuracy.

ServicePricing Integration *

Save time and increase accuracy on consumer quotes with CDK ServicePricing integration. When a technician fails an inspection line, it will automatically launch into ServicePricing for that specific vehicle and that specific service. With Service Pricing integration, your technicians will have all of the information at their fingertips to quickly and easily quote additional service recommendations, with pricing and parts availability. Once the service is sold, the details are written back to the repair order and all of the parts are pre-assigned allowing them to be rolled onto the RO with a click of the mouse. The end result, more accurate quoting and more efficiency for your technicians.

*Requires CDK Service Pricing

Mitchell1 Integration

CDK Inspect provides your technicians with access to the Mitchell1 time guides to quickly quote additional service recommendations for vehicles not available through CDK ServicePricing. When a technician fails an inspection line, CDK Inspect can launch into Mitchell1. This integration will allow your technicians to easily quote additional service recommendations, with pricing and parts availability. Once the service is sold, the details are written back to the repair order and all of the parts are pre-assigned allowing them to be rolled onto the RO with a click of the mouse. This results in great efficiency for your technicians regardless of the Make/Model of vehicle they are servicing.

Mobile ASR Approval

Provide your customers the experience they expect by texting or emailing additional service recommendations and allowing them to approve or decline from their mobile device. The mobile requests will provide your customers with information to make an informed decision for the recommended services with information such as the recommended services, an explanation of why it’s important to have the service completed, pricing, as well as photos and videos attached by your technicians. Mobile ASR Approval makes it easier for your advisors to sell additional service and creates a better experience for your customers.

Tech Pics

Tech Pics allows your service technicians to use any smart device with a camera to take pictures and videos and easily attach them to additional service recommendations with a single touch. This feature does not require a mobile app to be added onto the technician’s device and doesn’t store the images or videos on the device. The photos and videos are automatically added to both the Mobile ASR Approval and the Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR).

Text Connect

Communicate quickly and easily with your customers while their vehicle is in service. Text Connect is integrated into your CDK Service workflow and allows for two-way texting throughout the process, including sending the Mobile ASR approvals and Vehicle Ready notifications. Text Connect also provides the ability to track the texting communication with the customer at any time. Improve your consumer’s experience by communicating in the method they prefer.

Messenger Edge

Eliminate the time spent walking between advisors, technicians, and the parts counter by utilizing Messenger Edge designed to keep your parts and service departments connected. Messages are sent from within the repair order workflow providing valuable information to keep the repair order process moving forward – even request a read receipt to notify you when your message has been read. All messages are retained within the repair order history to be viewed anytime needed.


Provide the ultimate experience to your customers and efficiency to your advisors by capturing the customer’s signature on the final invoice from the tablet during vehicle delivery. The signed copy will be automatically archived into Document Archiving within your CDK Drive DMS and your customer can leave with a printed or emailed copy.

Reporting & Analytics

CDK Inspect includes a dashboard with extensive performance and utilization reporting. Easily track the utilization of the entire CDK Service process such as greeting the customer with a tablet in the lane and completed inspections. Quickly identify the number of additional services recommended and approved as well as the increased $$ based on the completion of those recommendations.

Vehicle Inspection Report

CDK’s Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) provides a comprehensive summary to your customer of their entire vehicle inspection process. The report includes key information from the vehicle inspection, a know-your-vehicle section with details of the initial concerns and additional recommendations including photos and videos taken during the inspection, and finally a quote for any additional service recommendations. Utilize the VIR as a tool to sell additional services as well as valuable documentation after the service is finalized showing your customers the importance of the inspection completed by your qualified technicians.