Inspect: The Industry’s Best Digital Inspection & Service Selling Solution

Xtime Inspect is designed to improve dealership fixed operation revenue and profitability by helping find, identify, and recommend additional service recommendations, while streamlining communications internally and externally to improve customer satisfaction and dealership retention. Comprehensive and integrated features empower staff to close additional service recommendations, eliminate bottlenecks in existing dealership processes, and to be more efficient with other Xtime Spectrum product packages as well as DMS functions. For dealerships looking to get the most out of their fixed operations and improve profitability and efficiency, Xtime Inspect is the complete shop management solution.

Key Features:

  • Built-in inspection processes with integrated customer approvals
  • Instant communication with dealership chat and media sharing
  • On-hand parts and inventory information
  • Centralized access to service history and past recommendations
  • Mobile access for technicians with video and picture capture and share
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Electronic Multi-Point Inspection

The electronic multipoint inspection is the single most important part of maximizing every service opportunity, and the core element driving everything within Xtime Inspect. This powerful solution enables dealerships to establish a standardized inspection process/form for use by all technicians, while providing management dashboards and reports to see that the process is being consistently followed.

  • Customized dealership and/or OEM specific inspection templates including individual forms for Express, Certified Pre-owned, PDI, Dealership Group Forms, and more.
  • Categorized inspection forms allowing technicians to effortlessly mark each inspected item as red, yellow, or green, and provide specific measurement for items including tire tread depth, brake thickness, etc.
  • Ability to add vehicle specific recommended repairs and services at time of inspection.

Inspection Dashboard

With multiple departments involved in completing the RO/service process, transparency in the workflow is critical, both from a user and management perspective. In Xtime Inspect, the Inspection Dashboard provides that high-level visibility, regardless of where that RO may be in the process, or which department is currently working on it.

  • Offers a quick overview of time being spent within each step of the workflow, allowing management and staff to quickly identify who they need to speak to about progressing the RO to the next phase.
  • Enables visibility of repair order changes based on the user role logged in to the system. While all jobs can be seen by an Xtime Administrator or manager, a technician or advisor would be able to see only jobs/ROs assigned to him/her.
  • Offers the ability to automatically transition the RO through the categories based on workflow status, as well as notify the corresponding user that the job/RO has now moved to their responsibility.

Enhanced Intra-Dealership Chat

Intra-Dealership Chat allows users to communicate instantly about a specific job, RO, or customer. By enabling multiple department communication through Xtime, staff members are able to stay in their workstations, boosting efficiency. Chat notifications can be configured by the user to be received as a pop-up on screen, email, or text message.

  • Increase billable hours by keeping employees in their stations where they are most efficient and generating revenue.
  • Retain access to past conversations and messages inside previously completed inspection forms.
  • Share pictures, documents and video among dealership staff.

Enhance Multi-Media

Capture and share video with your customers with Enhanced Multi-Media. Robust video capability with mobile app support, Enhanced Multi-Media drives increased customer transparency and dollars per repair order.

  • Capture and share video of needed repairs with customers so they can better understand the reason for a repair. This transparency helps to build trust between the customer and service department.
  • Help customers understand the need for a service recommendation and justify the repair. This understanding gives customers a basis for approving a service recommendation, leading to additional ASRs sold and more dollars per repair order.

Service Tracker

It’s a win-win situation. Your customers want real-time status updates and you need to free up your advisors’ time. Service Tracker can help you with both. Your customers receive service status updates in the palm of their hand, eliminating the need for multiple phone calls to their advisor. They get improved transparency, and your advisors become available to customers standing in the service lane — improving customer experience as a whole. Available as an add-on to Inspect.

Reporting and Analytics

Xtime Inspect offers a Performance Dashboard, which gives quick analysis on overall departmental performance, as well as a variety of detailed reports.

Performance Dashboard

  • Offers complete transparency of workflow measurements, process opportunities/breakdowns, and personnel performance for accountability and improvement coaching.
  • Inspection Count: see raw counts of ROs, inspections and recommended services.
  • ASR Rate (%): How many RO’s getting inspected have additional service recommendations?
  • Inspection Rate (%): What percentage of RO’s coming through the shop are receiving an electronic multipoint inspection?
  • Blended Closing Rate (%): Total number of sold lines divided by total number of requested lines + total number of sold hours divided by requested number of hours divided by 2.

Sales Performance

  • Gives insight on what blend of work is being sold and identifies if there is opportunity on selling more hours, services or gross dollars.
  • Quantity and quality of recommendations made, sold and declined.
  • Identify opportunities for better recommendations from technicians or better selling from advisors.
  • Easily track key focus inspection items, such as tire maintenance, based on dealer priorities or special promotions.
  • Online approval and Vehicle Report presentation.
  • Measure utilization and consistency of the staff using the online approval and selling tools.
  • There is a direct correlation between Vehicle Report presentation and increasing sales of recommended work.

Xtime Mobile Application

Create a better, higher quality, and more capable inspection experience in the palm of the technician’s hand with Mobile Inspect, now available on iOS and Android. Mobile Inspect helps you deliver a better customer experience and drive more dollars per repair order.