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Increase sales of additional services and customer pay labor hours by completing a Mercedes-Benz specific multi-point inspection integrated with Lane Inspection on every vehicle. Support additional service recommendations with image and video evidence to attach to the Service Repair Summary (SRS) for more informed customer decision making and faster RO approvals. Collect op code-level declined service data for future marketing efforts – all while building trust with your customers.

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Multi-Point Inspection

Maximize shop efficiency and profit with mobile-friendly repair order management technology. Ensure that every vehicle coming through your service center receives an inspection. Customizable and OEM-specific MPI captures fail points for review with the customer. Green, yellow or red indicates the status of the item. Add video or images to clarify needed repair, maintenance concern or additional service recommendations uncovered during inspection.

Repair Order List

Track the status of every write-up and Repair Order to keep service bays at peak performance and increase customer loyalty. The expanded view provides a count and complete list of write-ups, ROs awaiting dispatch, ROs in progress, ROs pending authorization and completed ROs as well as the parts and inventory status.

Repair Order Details & Video/Image Features

View customer and vehicle details for Repairs Orders. Access the customer’s primary concerns for further technician review before conducting a thorough multi-point inspection. Attach images and video to primary concerns and additional service recommendations. Expanded screen views show full vehicle history, internal chat communication and RO Audit History.

Shop-wide Chat Communication

Service Advisors can quickly communicate with Service and Parts Technicians working on the same RO. Parts Technicians can communicate with the Advisor and Technician when parts are filled, ordered or on back order. Service Technicians can communicate with the Advisor when additional services are recommended. Interdepartmental chats display in the expanded Chat History section of the RO. User/date/time stamp of repair order statuses through the life of inspection.

Mitchell1 Integration

CDK Inspect provides your technicians with access to the Mitchell1 time guides to quickly quote additional service recommendations for vehicles not available through CDK ServicePricing. When a technician fails an inspection line, CDK Inspect can launch into Mitchell1. This integration will allow your technicians to easily quote additional service recommendations, with pricing and parts availability. Once the service is sold, the details are written back to the repair order and all of the parts are pre-assigned allowing them to be rolled onto the RO with a click of the mouse. This results in great efficiency for your technicians regardless of the Make/Model of vehicle they are servicing.

Elead Text Messaging and Email

Growing customer retention begins with timely, effective communication throughout the service experience. Advisors can communicate directly with customers by email or text messaging quickly to recommend services or send a write-up. Send the Service Repair Summary (SRS) Approval or booklet for the customer to review and quickly approve repairs. Once repairs are complete, receive payment faster by sending invoices to customers for electronic payment by email or text.

Electronic Signatures – Approvals & Declines

Clearly capture the approval or decline of recommended services. Text or email Service Repair Summary (SRS) approval or booklet for customers to review for faster approvals and timely delivery.

Shop Route Sheet

Quickly identify the workload for the current day. View appointment, walkaround and RO details directly from the Route Sheet. Follow up with customers directly from the Route Sheet with click-to-call and Elead Text capabilities.

Lane and Shop Reporting & Analytics

Detailed analytics and reporting to measure performance throughout the service workflow. Make more informed decision making to improve efficiencies, productivity and utilization of media to valuable insight in additional service recommendations (ASR) and declined service data to identify new business opportunities.