Providing Exceptional Interactions for Mercedes-Benz Owners

All myKaarma products are driven by a mobile-first approach to customer interactions with your dealership. Our Natural Design process allows each product to streamline your business process, as well as seamlessly integrate with each of our other products, so they work together in harmony when packaged as a single solution. With myKaarma there is no data redundancy. If data is captured somewhere in the system, we automatically pull it into our solution. At myKaarma we walk the process ourselves and experience the work being done. This enables us to completely understand the work and ensure that it naturally fits into dealership employee daily tasks, reducing task fatigue.

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Intuitive Scheduler for Easy Navigation and Fewer Clicks

Our User Interface makes it easy to look up a customer and avoid duplicate entries. Type 4-digits of a phone number and gain instant access to customer details, last appointment, open ROs, and more.

  • Access from desktop or mobile device
  • Customize for Dealership/Advisor availability and OpCodes
  • Control transportation resources
  • Requires myKaarma Communications and Payments Package