A complete, connected digital solution for Mercedes-Benz dealers.

Through unsurpassed technology, service, and data integration, connects the auto industry’s top-performing advertising, inventory merchandising, and digital retailing tools into a connected website platform that empowers Mercedes-Benz dealers to successfully attract, engage, and convert online vehicle shoppers. This connected Solution, now unified with Dealertrack Technologies, makes every aspect of automotive retailing more profitable for Mercedes-Benz retailers and more enjoyable for vehicle shoppers.

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Seamless Websites

Informed by pioneering research into automotive shopping patterns, Seamless Websites provide a tailored, device-specific experience. Rather than simply a “scaled down” version of a desktop site, Seamless sites deliver optimal depth and detail through every individual device experience – from homepage to vehicle listings and details pages – resulting in intuitive efficiency and brand continuity with greater engagement and conversion potential.

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Centralized Control.

Every device experience – desktop, mobile , and tablet – is manageable and configurable in one intuitive Composer view, offering centralized control that combines the power of mobile automation with the flexibility of customization. Either make one update that cascades across every device experience automatically, or customize the experience across specific devices based on your particular strategy or insight derived from integrated visualizations, such as heatmapping, widget mapping, multivariate experiments, or other page-by-page analytics.

Digital Retailing Seamless Websites feature Digital Retailing tools that drive shoppers down the path to purchase and initiate deals online. Fully controllable and configurable for dealers, Digital Retailing combines payment, trade, and financing tools to increase shopper engagement and generate stronger leads and more sales. Key features:

  • Online vehicle shopping cart
  • Search by payment with real-time payment calculations
  • Accurate trade-in offers
  • Secure finance applications
  • Online vehicle deposit tools
  • Start deals online

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Carflix®, our patented video technology, generates a compelling, narrated video for every vehicle in your inventory. Each video is combined with an SEO-friendly video blog post to drive more traffic to your site, and is customizable and trackable to optimize performance. Best of all, Carflix is totally turn-key and automated, so you enjoy the benefits of video – longer time-on-site, increased SEO value, and more conversion – without any technical knowledge or extra time investment.

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Inventory Digital Marketing synchronizes everything you need to digitally market and merchandise your lot. Connected tools bring vehicle data to life through automation and analytics, powering successful pricing and brand strategy across your website and syndicated everywhere your customers shop for cars. Success starts with Inventory Lifecycles, which combines the industry’s most powerful automation with complete visibility across your digital strategy. Lifecycles provides centralized insight into every vehicle on your lot, the ability to forecast effectively, and the power to execute profitable merchandising strategy accurately and instantly on your site and throughout the web.

Incentives Management

Seamless Inventory integration means OEM and dealership incentives are delivered accurately across your website, including vehicle information pages, where shoppers are the most likely to convert. The fully automated process ensures total control over your own specials as well as group or OEM-level incentives. And it’s easy to adjust everything – from page appearance to specific publishing rules.

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Client Services

No one takes better care of dealers than Our Client Services team is dedicated and integrated with our other expert digital marketing teams to work as one, fully connected and coordinated support system for dealers. We share more knowledge and resources more quickly and easily, both internally and with you, than any other service provider can. From technical issues to strategic planning, from one technology to the next – Client Services brings you the solution to all your day-to-day and long-term digital marketing challenges.

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Proactive Partnership

We provide you with immediate resolution to your technical issues, as well as ongoing insight to achieve your strategic goals now and in the future. We reach out to you proactively with new ideas and innovations to propel you to success in the current market. Client Services is also your gateway to the industry’s best engineers and service professionals, bringing you unmatched resources to help you navigate every aspect of digital marketing that works.

Digital Advisors

As your primary point of contact, your Digital Advisor gets to know your business strategy in-depth, and reaches out proactively with solutions to help your business grow. Your Digital Advisor provides the best advice on how to use digital marketing to achieve your goals. He or she also delivers continuous training and monthly strategy calls, so you always know you’re using your technology as effectively as possible.

To ensure you are never without total service and support, your Digital Advisor is always backed up by a Digital Specialist. Each Digital Specialist provides additional strategic support, fields day-to-day requests, and connects you with analysts, product experts, production teams and whomever else you need to help you at any given time.

24/7 Dealer Support

When you need answers and resolution fast, call on Dealer Support. Our team of support professionals is here for you 24/7, and typically resolves technical issues in just one call. Dealer Support is embedded within our company, working alongside the rest of our teams to solve challenges quickly and easily.