The path to results starts here. DealerFire responsive websites are designed specifically for cross-platform compatibility, which ensures your customers have the same experience whether they’re on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. We combine our innovative products to craft a unique winning strategy.

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We Are Automotive

Engaged customers become loyal customers. Begin your dialogue with them by telling your dealership’s story on a uniquely designed website. DealerFire’s responsive websites not only show off your inventory, they communicate what makes your dealership stand apart from the rest.

The importance of a great website cannot be overstated: On average, 29 percent of digital marketing leads are generated from a dealership’s website. DealerFire has been building award-winning automotive websites for over a decade, and through our robust experience, we’ll help you find your competitive edge.

Platform Methodology

The DealerSocket platform includes innovative products, including DealerFire websites, CRM, and inventory. While there are many vendors in the industry that provide one specific service, we encapsulate all dealership departments. Our dealership experience drives our product development from innovative marketing strategies to our newly released CRM/website integration, CrossFire. By leveraging the power of the DealerSocket platform, you’ll get more insight into your customer’s behavior on-site and create campaigns to market to them effectively.

Fluid User Experience

It’s our job to adapt to the consumer, not the other way around Automotive websites have not changed very much in the past decade, which is not a good thing. DealerFire is a disruptor in the industry because we’ve modeled our responsive platform after large e-commerce retailers such as Nike, Zappos, and Amazon. We’ve created a fluid user experience because we understand that the way a user shops online shouldn’t change just because the product does.


While on-site SEO architecture is very important for visibility in search results, it’s really only half of the equation. Your website not only needs to be seen, it also needs to engage customers through unique content. DealerFire keeps a staff of 40 content writers at our headquarters. This ensures that every page of your website contains your dealership’s unique value propositions, and we never duplicate. Our content development services will help you attain and retain more traffic, as well as solidify your website’s authority with Google and other search engines.


DealerFire’s customer support model is all-inclusive, meaning you don’t pay any additional cost for two layers of service: account management and website support. We’ve built our reputation on award-winning customer service, including 50 percent same-day case resolution and an on-hold time of less than 60 seconds. We’ll reach out to you at least twice per month, whether you need the help or not, to ensure your strategy is producing ROI.

Transparent Reporting

There are thousands of KPIs in this industry, so it’s extremely important to work with a vendor that provides full access to an analytics dashboard. DealerFire uses Google Analytics exclusively, and we provide your with full admin access along with monthly custom reports delivered to your inbox. We make sure that your reporting matches your dealership’s goals. Every month, your dedicated account manager will reach out to you to discuss the previous month’s statistics as well as future strategy for success.